Ship bug-free, tested, small functional code that uses the resources of the target system carefully.

Favour convention over configuration.


Application Development

Using the right tools and TDD/BDD for the right application platform with minimal usage of system resources.

User Interface

Provide a great user experience. Less is more.

Project Management

Proven ability to lead and manage a variety of development projects in team and independent situations.



  • C/C++ (16 years)
  • Java (10 years)
  • HTML/CSS (18 years)
  • JavaScript ES6/ES7 (18 years)


  • Win32/COM/WTL/ATL/WinRT
  • git/CI
  • SQL
  • REST Level 3 Hypermedia


  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile (Cordova)


evopark GmbH

Cologne, Germany

Fullstack Developer


Creating the architecture for SaaS based on REST Level 3 using Hypermedia responses.

  • Client implemented using reactjs
  • no local state, except auth token
  • complete server driven application state

I am responsible for all (white-label) mobile apps and some occational front/backend server programming.

  • Cordova Cross-Platform toolkit
  • reactjs & redux for visual and state management
  • developed with cutting edge ES6 features


Zug, Switzerland

Freelance Application Engineer


I designed and developed a touch and voice enabled Windows 8.1 Modern UI app for anually required technical checkups of cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats (CUFA). This version replaces the previous Windows CE version that was also developed by me in 2011.

  • HTML5/JS WinJS stack
  • Usage of Promise/A for fast and fluid user experience
  • Developed in CoffeeScript
  • C++ WinRT compontents to bridge legacy voice recognition code

doo GmbH

Bonn, Germany

Lead Programmer Windows Versions


I designed the basic structure of the Windows Desktop and Store (Metro) Apps. We used extensive github pull-request based code review and automatic testing using TeamCity.

Desktop Version (C++)

  • Initially planned as Windows Shell Extension
  • Final version was a fat client based on Qt 5.2
  • Component based (SOA), created a simplified OSGi like component framework
  • Highly async with the usage of Qt’s signal/slots mechanism

Windows Store App (HTML/JavaScript/C++)

  • Cross-Platform for x64, x86 and ARM
  • Usage of high performant SQLite3, Zip and Data Analyzing WinRT Components written in C++
  • Optimized for “fast-and-fluid” philosophy of Windows 8
  • Integrating into Windows 8 contracts like search, protocol handlers, secondary tiles and background sync

recommind Inc.

Bonn, Germany

Freelance Connector & Product Developer


DMS connector (Java)

Bridging COM based DMS to Java using JNI/JNA and a custom JNI/C++ wrapper that allowed us to use C++ directly in Java and vice versa.

QwikFind (C++)

Windows Shell toolbar integration and popup for searching indexed data.

  • Scriptable COM based implementation
  • Alpha-blended GDI+ based popup interface
  • Optimized for minimal deploy and runtime size

topsystem GmbH

Wuerselen, Germany

Freelance Lead Application Developer


Voice & Touch based picking solutions for logistics


Voice based car checking.

  • Windows CE 6.0 based
  • Custom UI using WTL
  • Highly optimized for devices low memory and slow graphical unit

Customized voice recognition apps (C++)

In close cooporation with the customer and other project parties I developed more than a dozen customized versions for different warehouse needs and backends.


Control Center (Java)

I was the lead architect of the new control center software for all voice recognition based software of the company. The software allowed to monitor the daily routine, picking and alteration of the workflow for each picker.

  • Eclipse RCP, OSGi based
  • Integration of various barcode/imaging and high precision scale hardware
  • JPA for database access
  • User roles managment
  • ActiveSync Java Integration

XML Server Gateway (Java)

Created a common XML interface to communicate with various backend servers (DB,SAP) in a fault resistent way.

Freelance casual games developer


Scriptable casual games in C++, incl one for a German Late Night TV show.

Customized Installers for various budget games


Customized, graphical installers for Win32 budget games and screensaver collections.

Westka GmbH

Cologne, Germany

Senior Game Developer


Race Tracks Unlimited RTS (C++)

Senior programmer responsible for basic core code, game logic and GUI

BlueByte GmbH

Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany

Game Data Wizard

Apr 2000 - Mar 2001

The Settlers IV (C++)

  • Converting raw image data into sprite formats
  • Specing game data in various editors, compiling final game data set

Tools Programmer (C++)

  • AlienBrain Asset Manager IE/COM based plugins
  • Executable map/savegame stub that displayed the map/savegame screenshot when started in less than 10kb

Release Build Engineer

  • Preparing CD masters and Gold Master for production
  • Creation of a custom InstallShield installer with game themed UI and background music during installation

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