React Apps and Websites

Generated 100% from the same reactjs, redux, redux-saga codebase.
Built and deployed using CI/CD systems.

White label mobile apps


evopark AXA SWT Porsche
evopark AXA SWT Porsche360

White label web apps

Porsche Parken Plus

Document Management

Architect and Lead Programmer of the doo Windows applications.

doo for Windows 7/8 Desktop doo desktop

doo Windows 8 App doo Windows app

doo Windows 8 App

Hybrid application using HTML5/JavaScript and native C++ Windows RT components for datatbase, zipfile management, OCR

doo Windows Desktop Version

C++ Qt 5.2 based application with custom styled graphical user interface.



Implementation of various different picking applications using topSPEECH-Lydia®

SAP Connector

Picking Management

Initial design and architecture as Lead Programmer of Control Center

Allows to manage the work-flow of PickByVoice applications and VOXter® devices.

gradient branding audi monitor devices overview



Voice driven, mobile car inspection solution.

CheckByVoice daily program CheckByVoice overview CheckByVoice results

Data Mining

Windows integration of search tools

Integration of search toolbar in Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and context menus in Microsoft Office.

Watch it in action

SAP WM connector

License Management and Verification